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Crypto platform Kualian launches ‘SandBox’ for testing data tools

Crypto platform Kualian has announced a testing service for its various data tools, it said in a release shared with CryptoSlate. The firm offers various cryptocurrency services for users, such as staking, trading, and data analytics, and even runs an educational hub.

Called ‘SandBox,’ the testing platform has been launched for developers to test out crypto tools and software before they are deployed ‘live’—ensuring a bug-free network and a hassle-free experience for end-users.

The SandBox would replicate every operation offered on the main Kualian platform, including all data tools, staking services, reward settlement systems, trading architecture, and other offerings. 

This is similar to how ‘testnets’ are offered by other blockchain and crypto firms for developers and coders—a working representation of the actual network that helps collate programs, tools, third-party software, and is used to test code before being deployed on the ‘mainnet.’

Benefits of SandBox

Some benefits of SandBox are as follows:

  1. Shows third-party firms can independently verify the network: The SandBox is a test environment that replicates the main platform, meaning third-party firms and external developers can quickly and easily test their own software and technology tools, i.e. independently certifying that the network is safe to use.
  2. Shows the system is reliable and produces sustainable results: The SandBox will be able to demonstrate that all transactions and operations in the main system are real and produce benefits for end-users.
  3. Show that Kualian’s staking protocol works: Unlike Proof-of-Work networks like blockchains, Proof-of-Stake platforms see users validate transactions and maintain the network via locking up their tokens in a process called “staking.” This, however, is a laborious and oft-complex process for the average user, and Kualian’s staking platform makes that task easy. The SandBox, in turn, allows developers to test that staking rewards and token distribution do work.
  4. Help create a positive image of the company: The SandBox can, in addition to the above points, help create a favorable social standing of Kuailian among the developer and crypto community as the testnet would prove the platform does work as claimed and intended.

Kualian has already begun liaising with third-party developers to help certify its main platform. And the launch of SandBox is aimed at propelling just that.

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