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A $1.45 billion Bitcoin fund is soon listing on NASDAQ Dubai

3IQ Corp, the company behind a $1.45 billion Bitcoin Fund listed on the Toronto Stock Exchange (TSX), is gearing up to list it on Nasdaq Dubai, local outlet The National reported today.

“We’re aiming for listing in the second or third week of May and trading by the end of May. Listing the fund on a Middle East exchange will also help in terms of trading times, as Bitcoin trades for 24 hours a day, seven days a week,” said Frederick Pye, chairman and CEO of 3IQ.

Per the report, the fund is expected to be listed in Dubai before the end of Q2 2021 after it gets approved by Dubai Financial Services Authority.

Growing by $1.3 billion in a year

3IQ’s Bitcoin Fund launched last April on TSX, becoming the first public crypto-focused fund listed on a major global stock exchange. Starting with around $14 million worth of assets, the fund grew to an impressive figure of $1.45 billion in just a year. In part, this due to the swift surge in Bitcoin’s price itself, recently reaching a new all-time high of around $63,000.

According to The National, 3IQ and manager Dalma Capital expect the initial subscriptions—when investors sign up and commit to investing—to be somewhere “north of $200m,” but “but it can be increased in size” since the companies “expect it to be a major offering.”

Meanwhile, Dalma Capital will launch a three-week roadshow that aims to market the fund. It will also reportedly include a presentation by Cameron and Tyler Winkelvoss, whose firm Gemini provides custody for 3IQ’s Bitcoin fund.

After that, another three weeks will be dedicated to attracting potential investors.

“That process will be taking place with us alongside some other institutions that have strong reputations in this region,” explained Zachary Cefaratti, founder and CEO of Dalma, adding, “What we’ve seen is there is significant pent-up demand. There are a lot of investors who feel like they’ve missed out on this huge expansion of wealth that has happened in the rise of Bitcoin.”

Recently, 3IQ has also launched a Bitcoin exchange-traded fund on TSX, which became the fourth of its kind to be approved in Canada.

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South African Crypto Platform Revix Raises $4.1 Million

The South African cryptocurrency investment platform, Revix, has reportedly raised about $4.1 million from its latest capital raise round. According to the firm, part of the raised capital will be used “to launch Revix’s mobile application, a variety of Fourth Industrial Revolution (4IR) investment opportunities.” Furthermore, Revix says it also plans to use part of these funds to finance the firm’s expansion into the European Union.

According to a report that shares details of the crypto platform’s future plans, Revix also intends to “offer a behavioural loyalty and rewards programme, where customers can earn points that can be redeemed for bitcoin.” In expanding on this, Revix founder and CEO, Sean Sanders said:

We’re building a behavioural loyalty model that incentivises investors to undertake smart investment decisions, such as diversifying their investment portfolios, growing the investment community, improving their financial knowledge and making smart long-term investment decisions, while being rewarded for doing so.

Meanwhile, a different report quotes Sanders warning South African crypto investors not to “invest beyond what they can afford to lose.” Instead, the CEO wants investors to consider allocating a small portion of their net worth towards cryptocurrencies. Sanders added:

“A small 1% to 5% allocation of your total net worth to crypto can result in significant improvement to your overall portfolio returns over the long-term.”

In the meantime, the CEO concludes the interview by advising crypto investors to consider “diversifying their stock portfolio to reduce the risks of exposure to a single stock or industry.”

What do you make of Revix’s $4.5 million capital raise? Tell us what you think in the comments section below.

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Is Amazon About to Accept Dogecoin? The Payment Use Case Explored

A petition requesting Amazon to accept Dogecoin for payment has reached over 140k signatures. The appeal was started four years, but the last two months have seen it pick up the pace, reaching 100k signatures in February. Since then, interest has snowballed further.

“It is time for to be one of the first major companies to see the power of Dogecoin and with the huge momentum the Dogecoin community is generating now is the time for Amazon to accept Dogecoin as a payment method!”

It may have started as a joke, but as the market downturn continues, Dogecoin is the only top ten cryptocurrency in the green today. This resilience bodes well for DOGE. However, does Amazon see it this way?

Dogecoin Defies the Odds

Near 8,000% gains year-to-date is no joke. Dogecoin’s performance in 2021 has destroyed any notion that fundamentals and sound tokenomics count.

Today is April 20, which is world “Weed Day.” However, Dogecoin holders are attempting to hijack this day with the intention of rallying support for a $1 DOGE.

The hashtag #DogeDay is currently trending number 2 on Twitter. With Reddit also a hotbed for the coup. In drumming up support, one user described hitting $1 as an inevitability, even saying that in itself is a small goal.

“$1 is inevitable, and we can take a pit stop at the moon, sure, but our lord and savior doge ought not be limited by such small goals. The moment is now. We can mother heckin do this.”

Based on growing sentiment around Dogecoin, who’s to say that $1 won’t happen? Billionaire Mark Cuban thinks it will. He even backed this up by accepting DOGE as payment for Mavs tickets and merch.

But despite the fun and positivity, a nagging problem exists in DOGE’s infinite supply. The inflation rate sees about 5 billion DOGE a year added to the supply. While this is fundamentally no different from fiat money, it still isn’t easy to reconcile this with a niche token within an unconventional industry.

What’s The Deal With Amazon and Crypto?

Amazon does not currently accept cryptocurrency for payment, let alone Dogecoin. Although the petition has strong support, Amazon is not obliged to take action.

Is this something that will change in the future? Who knows, but what is known is that Amazon has plans to launch its own digital currency. The retail giant recently posted a job advert calling on suitable candidates to join its Digital and Emerging Payments division.

The job advert has since been pulled, but not before eagle-eyed observers noted it was for the Mexican market, with plans to roll out into other territories if successful.

At this stage, it’s difficult to determine what this project may mean concerning the cryptocurrency industry. But based on past offerings, the firm tends to wall its products within its own ecosystem.

Dogecoin daily chart

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Cartesi Labs: Fostering the Future of Smart Contract Development

The Cartesi Foundation will be supporting the research and development of decentralized systems using Cartesi’s products with grants, incubation and academic programs

The technology that underpins decentralized systems is disrupting infrastructure across many industries, offering a much-needed upgrade for outdated business models in the healthcare, finance, and telecommunications sectors to name a few. As the benefits of implementing blockchain technology become too big for businesses to ignore, bridging the gap between it and the millions of traditional software developers worldwide is what will signal a move into a new age of technology.

Two of the world’s biggest tech companies, Deloitte and IBM, are already putting considerable effort into expanding the horizons for blockchain technology; having already incubated three promising startups that look to disrupt industries such as IoT and e-Sports, Cartesi now joins the industry giants, having recently unveiled a dedicated program that will fund, incubate and mentor promising project teams looking to use Cartesi’s technology stack. Cartesi Labs will also offer academic resources to promising researchers and Toolmakers Grants to developers in a move that will further enrich the project’s ecosystem in the future.

Igniting ideas, accelerating growth

Starting with $1 Million in funding available to projects and development teams, Cartesi Labs will offer a full suite of opportunities to promising blockchain projects wishing to build on the platform. The Cartesi tools, including the Cartesi Virtual Machine, Noether, and Descartes, an SDK that DApps can use to run large or complex computations off-chain and later code smart contracts with mainstream software, have already been utilized by several projects to build exciting solutions such as reputable carbon credit certificates for the IoT industry.

As the Cartesi team continues upon their mission to bridge the gap between the traditional software development world and smart contract development, they will be offering the most innovative project founders and teams access to a wealth of knowledge from some of the most respected mentors in the industry as part of the incubation process at Cartesi Labs. Besides technical and strategic advisory, projects chosen to participate in Cartesi Labs programs will, eventually, receive continued financial support through a network of venture capitalists and incubation partners.

Cartesi: Becoming a central cog in blockchain technology’s promising future

The Cartesi team is dedicated to seeing that the very best DeFi, NFT, IoT and decentralized gaming projects get the attention and support they deserve through grants, but they also want to ensure that the tools used to build these platforms and protocols are understood and usable by the broader software development community. By offering academic programs led by highly qualified PhDs and senior blockchain project founders, Cartesi plans to attract the attention of developers who are eager to get involved in the world of smart contracts and decentralized computing. This will accelerate the overall adoption of blockchain technology and bring forth a bigger stage of adoption that will benefit the entire space.

Cartesi is already making waves in the blockchain world with recent partnerships including IOTA, Avalanche, and Elrond; having also partnered with the world-renowned mathematics research institute IMPA in previous months, Cartesi is now looking to turn up the heat and become a main destination for developers who are serious about changing the face of decentralized systems to get the help, professional insights and financial support they need.


Image by Andreas Breitling from Pixabay
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How To Buy Bitcoin With a Credit Card in Coinsbuy

The popularity of digital currencies rapidly grows, while Coinsbuy offers a simple and secure way to buy crypto. Which steps are mandatory?

The best way to buy crypto with a credit card – a step-by-step guide

The crypto market capitalization has recently surpassed the mark of $2 trillion, and digital currencies are among the recent investment trends. According to statistics, more than 80% of the Globe population have heard about Bitcoin; meanwhile, the vast majority of people don’t understand how to buy crypto with credit card. Coinsbuy has a simple answer, offering three straightforward steps to become a crypto holder.

Step 1. Open an account on Coinsbuy

First of all, you need to sign up for the service. The process requires the following straightforward stages:

  1. Visit the official Coinsbuy website.
  2. Click on the “Getting Started” button.
  3. Fill in the mandatory fields (first and last name, email, phone number, and country). Create a strong password
  4. Agree with the Customer Agreement and complete the registration.

Confirm your email address by a 5-number code sent by the system

Step 2. Verify your Coinsbuy account

Coinsbuy enables users to buy crypto with credit card; meanwhile, you need to verify your account first. The service provides holders with the highest level of security and meets legislative norms, following KYC policy requirements. The verification process takes an investor just one minute. Follow the next stages:

  1. Log in to your account.
  2. Click on the upper left-hand corner and select the “Profile” section.
  3. Press on the “Verification” option.
  4. Accept terms and conditions.
  5. Choose the document to use for account verification (passport, driver’s license, or ID card).
  6. Upload scans of your document.
  7. Confirm and proceed to the selfie verification. Press on the “I’m Ready” and follow the instructions (hold still, roll your face in a circular motion).
  8. Check the data and wait for the verification approval (the system requires some time to process your documents).

Step 3. Buy cryptocurrencies with your credit card

Verified users get a simple answer for where can I buy Bitcoin with credit card:

  1. Click on the “Buy/Deposit” option placed on the dashboard of your client’s area (you may choose “Funds” and “Wallets” options as well).
  2. Choose a digital asset you want to get (e.g., Bitcoin).
  3. Specify the ordered amount of BTC to see the amount of the chosen fiat currency you need to deposit.
  4. Insert your credit (debit) card payment information.
  5. Confirm the transaction and become a crypto holder.

Buy, Hold, Sell, and Exchange popular cryptocurrencies

You’ve received your first crypto investment. Which opportunities does Coinsbuy offer for investors?

  • Cryptocurrencies have high investment potential, while the overall crypto market capitalization has skyrocketed by 269.4% within Q1 2021.
  • Coinsbuy lists the most liquid digital assets; this is why holders may exchange one asset to another with the lowest fees.
  • Digital assets are widely used as means of payments around the Globe, and hodlers may purchase from a cup of Starbucks coffee to a new Tesla for cryptocurrencies. The number of crypto-accepting businesses constantly increases.

Coinsbuy cryptocurrency wallets are your secure passes into the brave new world of digitalization and new opportunities!

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Venmo launches investing service for Bitcoin, Litecoin, Ethereum, and Bitcoin Cash

Mobile payment service Venmo announced its crypto investing service today, allowing its 70 million customers to buy, hold and sell cryptocurrency directly within the app in the coming weeks.

Customers using crypto on Venmo can choose from four types of cryptocurrency: Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, and Bitcoin Cash.

Venmo makes a crypto move

As per the release, customers can view cryptocurrency trends, buy or sell crypto, and access in-app guides and videos to help answer commonly asked questions and learn more about the world of crypto.

“Crypto on Venmo is a new way for the Venmo community to start exploring the world of crypto, within an environment they trust and rely on as a key component of their everyday financial lives,” said Darrell Esch, senior vice president at Venmo.

Esch added that crypto on Venmo would allow users to learn and explore cryptocurrencies on a trusted platform and using an in-built investing service on the app.

“Our goal is to provide our customers with an easy-to-use platform that simplifies the process of buying and selling cryptocurrencies and demystifies some of the common questions and misconceptions that consumers may have,” he stated.

Rising user demand

According to a 2020 Customer Behavior Study, over 30% of Venmo customers reported that they had already started purchasing crypto or equities, 20% of which started during the pandemic.

Now, with the introduction of crypto, the company says users will now have access to an easy-to-use and intuitive crypto platform to help them take part in the cryptocurrency market.

It added the launch of the feature furthers PayPal’s commitment to educating its customers on the potential of digital currencies as they continue to grow and drives understanding and utility of cryptocurrencies on a mass scale.


Crypto on Venmo is enabled through PayPal’s (its parent company) partnership with Paxos Trust Company, a regulated provider of cryptocurrency products and services.

PayPal was also granted a first-of-its-kind conditional Bitlicense by the New York State Department of Financial Services (NYDFS), allowing PayPal and Venmo to offer its customers the ability to buy, sell and hold cryptocurrency.

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