Adbit advertising for bitcoin projects

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  • Ranked on in the top 2 million.
  • Fully functional website – no broken links or empty / broken / half built or unfinished pages.
  • Site must be usable with or without adblockers installed. No sites that are already overloaded with ads or do forced immediate redirects or popup windows.
  • If you are a blog, news or community site, you must have both recent and historical activity, and be regularly active (no inactive sites)
  • Content Aggregators are allowed but still must follow our other rules.
  • If you offer a product or service, it must be real and legitimate.
  • We reserve the right to accept or deny any publisher website for any reason, and to suspend publishers at any time for perceived violations of our terms or abuse of our service.
  • We have zero tolerence for click and ad fraud, if we detect this on your ad units you will be immediately banned from our platform and all unpaid funds refunded to advertisers.
  • For those who the above is no problem, we welcome you to Adbit!

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